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Quantum Computing with IBM Quantum

This Immersion introduces qubits, quantum gates, quantum circuits, and quantum algorithms.  All experiments will be performed by remotely accessing IBM quantum processors—for free!  On the first day, we will design and analyze circuits to implement quantum dense coding, the Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm, and Grover’s search algorithm.  On the second day, we will implement quantum Fourier transforms and Shor’s factoring algorithm.  On the third day, we will test Bell inequalities and do other quantum calculations of spin correlations.  Participants will learn the theory needed to design all of these quantum circuits, as well as the practical skills to run the circuits via IBM Quantum. 


In September 2021, Physics Today reported, “At a conference in February funded by NSF, educators across academia and industry reflected on the urgent need for bachelor’s degree programs, courses, and curricular materials for quantum information science and engineering.”  This Immersion is an effort towards addressing that urgent need.