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Abstract Title: How to Optimize Quantization of Detector Data by Minimizing Noise and Improving Signal Fidelity when using a Real Time Oscilloscope
Abstract: A real-time oscilloscope is a critical tool in the quantization of detector data. Modern tools can digitize at rates of 40GSa/s and achieve bandwidths that exceed 10 GHz. Unfortunately data can be distorted by poor signal fidelity and digitizer design. Scientists should understand the effects of inherent noise and digitizer error on their test data.

In this workshop we will explore:
  • Measuring oscilloscope noise floor and its effect on your measurements
  • Quantifying digitizer linearization
  • Limiting bandwidth to reduce noise
  • Advanced analysis techniques using MATLABĀ®
  • With transient or pulsed events how to maximize sample rate and record length by segmenting memory
Abstract Type: Workshop

Workshop Documents

Workshop Document: Download the Workshop Document
Session: Session V - Parallel Workshops

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Marty Gubow
Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Phone: 877-424-4536