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Abstract Title: The Torsional Oscillator A
Abstract: The simple harmonic oscillator is perhaps the most central 'model system' in all of physics, and TeachSpin's 'Torsional Oscillator' is a fully-instrumented example of the harmonic oscillator. It permits an extremely wide variety of experiments, appropriate to instruction from introductory to graduate-level lab courses. The torsional oscillator can be calibrated and modelled in detail, it can be damped by three independent mechanisms, and it can be driven by arbitrary torque waveforms.

Participants will see, at level A, Intermediate torsional oscillations:
  • where the 'spring' and the 'mass' are located in a torsional oscillator
  • how static, and oscillatory, properties of the oscillator can be deduced directly from experiment
  • how the separate angular-position and angular-velocity transducers work, and how they can be calibrated
  • how the 'torque drive' works, and how to calibrate and use it
  • how the linear-in-velocity damping works, and how to acquire, and to model, the damped-oscillatory decaying waveforms
Abstract Type: Workshop

Workshop Documents

Workshop Document: Download the Workshop Document
Session: Session V - Parallel Workshops

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Dr. Jonathan F. Reichert
TeachSpin, Inc.
Phone: 716.885.4701