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Abstract Title: Quantum Analogs A
Abstract: To facilitate real comfort with both the physics and the apparatus, we have limited the sessions to groups of 3, and created double sessions.  We strongly recommend that you sign up for both A and B sessions.

The wave equation for the propagation of sound in air inside structures, and the Schrödinger Equation for electron waves in space, share many mathematical features.  This apparatus is aimed at building intuition about solutions of the fundamental equation of wave mechanics via hands-on encounter with analogous features in the properties of sound waves in air.  The experiments are conducted using sound waves of ordinary (1 - 10 kHz) frequencies, produced and detected by ordinary speakers and microphones, inside metal-walled resonant systems.  In particular, participants may choose the general area of either resonant modes inside a spherical cavity, or resonant modes in a periodic 1-dimensional system.  The analogous features in quantum mechanics are the spherical harmonics that emerge in any spherically-symmetric system, and the 'bands and gaps' that appear in the mode structure for a 1-d spatially-periodic system.

Participants will see, at level A, Introduction to Quantum Analogs:
  • how sound waves are generated, detected, and quantified in the quantum-analogs system
  • how to set up 3-d spherical, OR 1-d spatially-periodic, acoustic 'testbed' systems
  • how to sweep in frequency, and how to identify normal modes of the acoustic system with eigenstates of the analogous quantum system
  • how to detect the angular structure of modes in 3-d space, OR how to see band and gap structure in the 1-d system
Abstract Type: Workshop

Workshop Documents

Workshop Document: Download the Workshop Document
Session: Session V - Parallel Workshops

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Primary Contact: Dr. Jonathan F. Reichert
TeachSpin, Inc.
Phone: 716.885.4701