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Abstract Title: Modern Interferometry A
Abstract: To facilitate real comfort with both the physics and the apparatus, we have limited the sessions to groups of 3, and created double sessions.  We strongly recommend that you sign up for both A and B sessions.

The 'Modern Interferometry' set-up available from TeachSpin offers a tabletop-sized optical breadboard, and all the components required for students to lay out, build, and apply a variety of interferometer topologies.  In the Workshop, participants will be guided through the actual assembly, alignment, and use of one such topology -- the Michelson interferometer.

Participants will see, at level A, Introduction to Interferometry:
  • an optical table with laser and alignment system installed
  • how to lay out, assemble, and align a Michelson interferometer
  • how to detect 'fringe formation' visually, and how to optimize alignment
  • how to understand 'interferometric sensitivity', and its implications for vibrational effects
  • how to add a photodetector, for the high-speed detection of signal variation
Abstract Type: Workshop

Workshop Documents

Workshop Document: Download the Workshop Document
Session: Session V - Parallel Workshops

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Dr. Jonathan F. Reichert
TeachSpin, Inc.
Phone: 716.885.4701