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Abstract Title: Optical Pumping A
Abstract: To facilitate real comfort with both the physics and the apparatus, we have limited the sessions to groups of 3, and created double sessions.  We strongly recommend that you sign up for both A and B sessions.

Optical pumping is a non-laser way to use light, interacting with atoms in the vapor phase, to 'pump' the atoms into states that permit the observation of radio-frequency quantum transitions between energy levels of the atoms' ground states.  This experiment is a fine illustration of the polarization properties of light, the energy-level structure of atoms' ground states, and the Zeeman effect of external magnetic fields on these atomic energy levels.

Participants will see, at level A, Introduction to Optical Pumping:
  • a hands-on familiarization with the parts of the apparatus, and instruction on how to align it for operation
  • magnetic-field sweeps through zero (total) field, in the presence of the earth's ambient field, and detection of the 'zero-field resonances'
  • optimization of the zero-field resonance, and detection of its width; also application of the resonance to the detection of magnetic-field fluctuations
Abstract Type: Workshop

Workshop Documents

Workshop Document: Download the Workshop Document
Session: Session V - Parallel Workshops

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Primary Contact: Dr. Jonathan F. Reichert
TeachSpin, Inc.
Phone: 716.885.4701