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Abstract Title: Mössbauer Effect
Abstract: Participants will be shown the Mössbauer Effect experiment done at the University of Chicago.

Students typically measure
  • the natural line width of a nuclear transition
  • nuclear Zeeman splitting
  • magnetic quadrupole splitting of nuclear energy levels
  • chemical shift of nuclear energy levels
The Austin Scientific apparatus consists of a magnetically driven rod, which moves a Co-57 source with a constant acceleration.  The resulting Doppler-shifted Co-57 photons have a range of energies which span the resonant absorption energy of nuclei in a stationary absorber.  Photons not absorbed by the stationary nuclei are detected in a proportional counter.  Students use a laser and Michelson interferometer to determine the velocity of the source at each point in the spectrum.

A multi-channel analyzer/multi-channel scaler is used to obtain and display the Mössbauer spectra. Various absorbers are provided, placing the Co-57 nuclei in a variety of lattice environments. We hope to show the participants one technique for obtaining Mössbauer spectra and a start on their interpretation.
Abstract Type: Workshop
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Session: Session XI -  Parallel Workshops

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Primary Contact: Van Bistrow
University of Chicago