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Abstract Title: The Advanced Laboratory Program at California State University-East Bay
Abstract: California State University -- East Bay is a public university focusing on undergraduate education, with approximately 13,000 students, and is one of the most diverse undergraduate institutions in the United States.  The Department of Physics has a faculty of four, three of whom are assistant professors, and the number of majors has more than tripled during the past four years to about eight majors per year.  Our relatively young faculty has been fortunate enough to inherit a strong advanced laboratory program built by emeritus Prof. Daryl Preston (author of The Art of Experimental Physics), which includes laboratories on electron spin resonance, saturated absorption spectroscopy, gamma ray spectroscopy, and atom trapping and cooling.  The advanced laboratory is taught over two quarters, and we also teach a quarter of electronics and a quarter of computational physics (including programming in LabVIEW).  In particular we will discuss our strategies to integrate advanced laboratory instruction with undergraduate research – a synthesis which has contributed to our recent success in attracting new physics majors, especially women and underrepresented minorities.
Abstract Type: Invited Presentation
Session: Session I - Plenary

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Derek F. Jackson Kimball
California State University-East Bay