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Abstract Title: The MIT Junior Physics Laboratory Course
Abstract: The MIT Junior Physics Laboratory course is a two-semester program which provides students with hands-on experience in modern physics focused both on the teaching of experimental art as well as expository writing and speaking.  This course occupies a unique place in the physics curriculum, conveying much of the story of physics leading to the advent of quantum mechanics, while also building students' intuition for the experimental consequences of quantum mechanics.  The twenty experiments currently offered provide experimental illustrations of key physics concepts evolving from particle-wave duality and relativity to superconductivity, principles of astrophysics, and concepts of quantum information science.  Five of these experiments are typically completed each semester, each in two weeks by a team of two students who give 12-minute American Physical Society meeting-like talks and submit four-page Phys. Rev. Letter style papers on each result.  This is a memorable experience that is simultaneously treasured and feared, not only by the students, but also by the faculty instructors.
Abstract Type: Invited Presentation
Session: Session I - Plenary

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Primary Contact: Isaac Chuang