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Abstract Title: Syllabi and Questions for Intermediate & Advanced Labs for the College Physics Major
Abstract: I will present current syllabi for the three Intermediate and Advanced (I&A) labs as they appear in their present state at Bridgewater State College; electronics (recommended but not required for the major, primarily digital but with an admixture of analog), modern physics lab (a separate lab course taken in the 1st semester of second year along with the modern lecture course) and advanced experimental lab (we now recommend taking junior year to prepare for senior year thesis/research work and potential summer REUs).  I would like to use this poster to initiate discussions related to the content of each lab course as well as the more global ideas and concerns associated with I&A labs:

• which labs should be required for the major/minor,
• is the content of each lab 'as is' enough
• should other labs be required
• in what order should these labs be taken
• is one semester enough for each lab
• should the advanced lab be taken in junior or senior year
• software; EXCEL, Maple, Electronics Simulation and LabView
• lab reports; if and when LaTeX

In addition, I will frame these discussions around the context of both  the 4-year college student's time and other general education requirements and the professor's teaching loads, research, and of course, financial support.
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Session: Session II - Syllabi Poster Session

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Ed Deveney
Bridgewater State Colege
Bridgewater, MA