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Abstract Title: TO BE OR NOT TO BE OHMIC: A Warm-up Exercise for Advanced Labs
Abstract: Frequently we (and thus our students) assume that something on which we make a resistance measurement is 'Ohmic', in a quite general sense:  the current and voltage have a linear relationship, and this relationship does not depend on any external parameters, including such things as frequency and temperature; this misconception can persist beyond the introductory level.  In the exercise that is used as the 'warm-up' for NEIU's required Junior/Senior level course "Intermediate Lab", students measure the 'resistance' of various general circuit elements, with the thought that these may or may not be 'Ohmic', where 'Ohmic' is taken in the most general sense.  The lab exercise and materials used will be presented and discussed.
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Session: Session IX - Effective Experiments Poster Session

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Primary Contact: Paul J. Dolan, Jr.
Dept. of Physics, Northeastern Illinois University
5500 N. St. Louis Ave.
Chicago, IL 60625
Phone: (312) 758-0476