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Abstract Title: Doppler-broadening for Rubidium Absorption
Abstract: A diode laser at 780 nm was used to excite the 5S1/2 to 5P3/2 transition of Rubidium-85.  Doppler-broadening of this transition occurs as a function of temperature of the cell.  Students in Advanced Lab have verified that this broadening goes as square root of Temperature.   Saturated absorption was used to verify the wavelength of the laser.  The rubidium cell, in which the temperature dependence of Doppler-broadening was observed, consisted of a Pyrex cylinder with a long arm that extended perpendicularly to the length of the cell.  The cylindrical component of the cell was encased within an oven (made of Electrotemp Cement).  The temperature of the cell was increased by wrapping a Thermolyne BriskHeat flexible electric heating tape around the outside of the oven while the arm of the cell was extended out of the oven into a beaker of cool water. By keeping the temperature of the stem a constant, the pressure of the cell was held constant to the vapor pressure of rubidium at stem temperature.  Both ice water and liquid nitrogen baths have been used.
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Primary Contact: James D. White
Juniata College
1700 Moore St. BAC
Huntingdon, PA 16652
Phone: 8146413545
and Co-Presenter(s)
Kenny Goodfellow, Amy Frantz, Geneva White, Brad Dinardo, Jon Green, and Mark J. Pearson

Juniata College Physics Department