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Abstract Title: Developing Research and Experimentation Skills: Demonstrated using a Black Body Radiation Experiment
Abstract: Traditionally undergraduate labs are taught by having a student carry out a number of steps to set up equipment and take specific data to achieve a certain aim.  With this approach there is little opportunity to develop many of the skills important in experimentation and research.   With this in mind, various labs have been developed at an intermediate and advanced lab level to offer the student an open learning opportunity, involving the student following their own ideas to research and solve a number of problems before obtaining the set goal.  An example of this approach is demonstrated here, using the black body radiation approximation for a tungsten filament of a common light bulb, to obtain the ratio of Planck's to Boltzmann's constants (h/k).  The propagation of error gives an expected error of about 2%, and it will be shown that only when a number of systematic errors are resolved is this level of accuracy obtained.
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Session: Session IX - Effective Experiments Poster Session

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Primary Contact: Mark J. Pearson
Juniata College Physics Dept.
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Jamie D. White
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