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Abstract Title: Vibrational Spectra of the Nitrogen Molecules in the Liquid and Gas Phase
Abstract: We will describe (1) a highly visual experiment designed to demonstrate Raman
scattering spectroscopy by measuring the vibrational energy spacing of nitrogen molecules in the liquid phase, and demonstrate (2) vibrational spectrum of the nitrogen molecules in the gas-phase using a gas-filled discharge tube and a hand-held spectrometer. For the experiment (1); a high intensity Raman spectra and a multitude of nonlinear phenomena in liquid nitrogen via pulsed laser Raman scattering at 532nm will be presented. The presence of strong stimulated Raman scattering in the liquid nitrogen generated multiple Raman-shifted orders and greatly enhanced the normal Raman-shifted signal, allowing for a more engaging laboratory experience in comparison to traditional Raman scattering experiments. This enhancement allows for an easier determination of intrinsic properties of the nitrogen molecules such as the vibrational frequency and the force constant. For the experiment (2); the electron-impact excitation will be the primary excitation mechanism in the discharge. Although the electron-impact excitation of nitrogen molecules occurs, the great majority of the "targets" for electron-impact excitation collisions at the cathode-anode are argon atoms. Large populations of the argon metastables will result at 11.55 and 11.72eV.  Since argon metastables have resonant energies with the C-state in neutral nitrogen, C-band to B-band transitions will occur. Students determine the upper and lower vibrational level quantum numbers associated with each observed band, construct energy level diagram of the resulting upper and lower electronic level's vibrational structures, determine the energy spacings between those levels, and discuss any deviations from the SHO model predictions.
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Primary Contact: Burcin Bayram
Miami University
133 Culler Hall
Oxford, OH 45056
Phone: 513-529-5630
Fax: 513-529-5629
and Co-Presenter(s)
David Fisher, Graduate student, Miami University, Department of Physics, Oxford, Oh 45056