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Abstract Title: Nuclear Spin Echoes -- In Live Audio
Abstract: Earth's-Field NMR offers perhaps the most transparent way in which to demonstrate the phenomena of NMR, in part because the signals observed are really 'free-precession signals' or 'free-induction-decays', without external signal generator, and no actual 'resonance' required.  Modest modifications of an existing apparatus make it possible also to demonstrate the phenomenon of 'nuclear spin echoes', in which the signals' disappearance (due to magnetic-field inhomogeneities) can be reversed by a brief pulse of suitably oscillating magnetic fields.  Since the precession signals involved have frequencies near 2 kHz, and durations on the order of seconds, the experiment also lends itself to direct and real-time audio presentation.
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Session: Session IX - Effective Experiments Poster Session

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Primary Contact: David A. Van Baak
Calvin College