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Abstract Title: Interdisciplinary Experiments for Upper-level Physics Laboratory Courses
Abstract: Our laboratory program involves three semesters of experiments at the "junior-lab" level.  One semester covers analog electronics up to op-amps and LRC circuits, while others involve experiments in oscillations, waves and optics.  Labs with interdisciplinary applications are a special focus, and have included experiments in ultrasound imaging, laser tweezers, microfluidics, atomic force and scanning tunneling microscopy, magnetic resonance imaging, biosensors, solid state synthesis of quantum dots and high-Tc superconductors, among others.  We describe the development and implementation of this lab program and focusing on these interdisciplinary projects.  These projects aim at introducing majors to new and useful research tools and interdisciplinary research topics in biophysics, medical physics and materials science.  Students are exposed to LabView programming, image analysis, microfabrication techniques, chemical vapor deposition and solid state synthesis.  Each modular laboratory is being developed to allow exportation to other natural science departments.  Many curricular resources developed as part of this project are available on the web, including downloadable student laboratory manuals and instructor's guides.
Abstract Type: Invited Presentation
Session: Session VIII - Plenary

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Suzanne Amador Kane
Physics Department, Haverford College
Haverford, PA 19041