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Abstract Title: Experiments with correlated photons: From advanced-lab projects to dedicated laboratories
Abstract: Advances in technology have allowed the feasibility of table-top experiments with correlated photons for curricular physics laboratories. Through our own form of advanced lab, capstone research projects, we have developed a set of experiments with correlated photons into a laboratory component for an upper-level course that normally does not have one: quantum mechanics. The virtue of the experiments is that they are understood with the quantum mechanics of a single quantum, and thus lend themselves as experimental exercises of quantum mechanics algebra. The experiments also bring to the forefront of the discussion fundamental topics of quantum mechanics that are particularly difficult to understand, such as superposition, indeterminism and nonlocality. Our experiments include photon and biphoton interference, the quantum eraser and quantum entanglement. Some of the developmental student projects led to research problems that were published in research journals. This work has been funded by grants from the National Science Foundation.
Abstract Type: Invited Presentation
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Session: Session IV - Plenary

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Primary Contact: Enrique J. Galvez
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