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Abstract Title: Modern Physics Lab at Marshall University
Abstract: From the muon lifetime relativistic time dilation to the nuclear magnetic resonance, the Modern Physics Lab at Marshall University gives students the chance to learn new physics while doing real scientific research. The purpose of the course is to explore modern physics models and theories in the laboratory. There are 12 exciting lab experiments to be explored: 1) Modern Physics Vizualized; 2) Muon Particle Physics; 3) Blackbody Radiation; 4) Photoelectric effect; 5) Milikan Oil Drop; 6) The Electron Charge-to-Mass Ratio e/m; 7) Electron Diffraction; 8) Cosmic Radiation; 9) Frank-Hertz Experiment; 10) X-rays Analysis; 11) Infrared Camera; and 12) NMR/ESR Spectrometry. At the end of the experiments, students will have a two-week period to develop their own idea for a project in modern physics experiment, of to work on one of the following three suggested projects: 1) slowing time (muon particle physics experiment); 2) seeing in the dark (infrared camera); and 3) learning to read minds (nuclear magnetic resonance). Students will present their finding in a presentation sesion at the end of the semester, open to fellow students, faculty and friends.
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Primary Contact: Maria C. Babiuc-Hamilton
Marshall University
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