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2011 ALPhA Immersion Laboratories

Jan 11, 2011

The Advanced Laboratory Physics Association (ALPhA) announces the 2011 program for its popular series of laboratory immersion experiences.  Participants will acquire enough hands-on experience with experiments to be able to teach them.  ALPhA's Laboratory Immersion experiences for 2011 will provide participants with two to three days of intensive hands-on work with a single advanced laboratory experiment. Enrollment is limited to two to three participants per experiment to ensure a confidence-building experience.  Selections for 2011 include a very impressive array of experiments.  The program includes:

- Single-Photon Sources, Entanglement, and Bell's Inequalities
- Single Photon and Biphoton Experiments
- Spectroscopy of Hydrogen-like (Rb) Atoms in an Atomic Vapor
- Vacuum Techniques/Thin-Film Deposition
- Low Noise Signal Detection with a Lock-In Amplifier
- Fabry-Perot Cavities and Laser-Frequency Stabilization
- Pulsed NMR
- Optical Pumping
- Modern Interferometry
- Mössbauer Spectroscopy
- High Temperature Superconductivity
- Imaging of Shock Waves in Flows
- External Cavity Diode Lasers
- Laser Wavelength Meter
- Holographic Measurements
- LabVIEW Instruction for the Advanced Laboratory