Session Abstracts

Session I: Plenary Speakers - "Advanced Labs: Different Visions for Different Settings"

Caltech's Undergraduate Advanced Laboratory Program
by Eric Black

The MIT Junior Physics Laboratory Course
by Isaac Chuang

The Advanced Laboratory at Swarthmore College
by Carl Grossman

The Advanced Laboratory Program at California State University-East Bay
by Derek Kimball

Session II: Break & Poster session - Syllabi for Advanced labs at institutions of participants

Modern Physics Lab at Marshall University
by Maria C. Babiuc-Hamilton

The Advanced Physics Lab at the University of Toronto
by David C. Bailey

The Evolving Syllabus for the Capstone Project Course at Eastern Michigan University
by Ernest Behringer

Berkeley's two-semester advanced lab sequence
by Thomas Colton

Syllabi and Questions for Intermediate & Advanced Labs for the College Physics Major
by Ed Deveney

Intermediate Lab at NEIU
by Paul J. Dolan, Jr.

Intermediate and Advanced Labs at Carleton College
by Melissa Eblen-Zayas

Use of LabVIEW™ in a Senior-Level Capstone Laboratory
by Dr. Linda S. Fritz

An advanced-lab model for liberal-arts colleges: Capstone research projects
by Enrique J. Galvez

Upper-level lab sequence at Wittenberg University: paths to student independence
by Elizabeth A. George

Upper level labs at University of Alberta
by Isaac Isaac

Advanced Physics Labs at the University of Oregon
by Dean Livelybrooks

Advanced Lab Sequence at San Francisco State University
by James M. Lockhart

Research Group Model for Advanced Lab
by Martin Madsen

Increasing student independence and insight in the intermediate physics laboratory
by Mark Masters

Honing Experimental Physicists at UW-River Falls
by Lowell McCann

Advanced Physics Laboratory at Purdue University Calumet
by Adam Rengstorf

Intermediate/Advanced Laboratory: Combining Writing, Basic Instrumentation, Fundamental Electronics
by Ross Reynolds

A New Sequence of Advanced Laboratory Courses at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
by Dennis Rioux

The Advanced Laboratory Program at the Colorado School of Mines
by David Schuster

The Process of Science
by Donald Smith

Binghamton University Intermediate and Advanced Lab Courses
by Mark Stephens

Intermediate and Advanced Physics Laboratories: Breadth and Depth in Experimental Physics
by Matthew C. Sullivan

Optics for Scientists and Engineers Laboratory Syllabus
by Orven F. Swenson

The Advanced Undergraduate Nuclear and Atomic Laboratory Course at the University of North Texas
by Duncan Weathers

The Biological Physics Labs in the JHU Department of Physics and Astronomy
by Steven K. Wonnell

The Advanced Physics Laboratory Course at Pomona College
by Alma C. Zook

Session IV: Plenary Speakers - "Advanced Lab Ideas from Single-Photon Detection Quantum Mechanics"

Experiments with correlated photons: From advanced-lab projects to dedicated laboratories
by Enrique (Kiko) Galvez

Optical vortices: Light in a Spin
by Miles Padgett

Session VIII: Plenary Speakers - "Applied Physics: Hot Topics in Advanced Labs"

Chaos Experiments for the Advanced Lab
by Robert DeSerio

Interdisciplinary Experiments for Upper-level Physics Laboratory Courses
by Suzanne Amador Kane

Fluid Mechanics and Computational Physics in the Advanced Undergraduate Laboratory
by Keith R. Stein

Session IX: Break & Poster Session - "Especially Effective Laboratory Experiments and Open-ended Labs"

A Knots Experiment
by David C. Bailey

Vibrational Spectra of the Nitrogen Molecules in the Liquid and Gas Phase
by Burcin Bayram

Driven Linear and Non-linear Resonance Experiment
by Rex Berney

Example Harmonic and Anharmonic Oscillators Demonstrated and Analyzed
by Bernard Cleyet

Millikan’s Oil Drop: Simulation and Experiment
by Sarah J. Desotell

TO BE OR NOT TO BE OHMIC: A Warm-up Exercise for Advanced Labs
by Paul J. Dolan, Jr.

Angular momentum outside of the classical mechanics courses
by Nathan H. Frank

Determining the half-life of 40K from the activity of salt substitute
by Elizabeth A. George

Noise Fundamentals, where noise is the signal
by George Herold

Sub-picometer resolution from a Michelson wavelength meter
by Chad Hoyt

Measuring the speed of light in an optical fiber - Integrating Experimentation and Instrumentation
by Nasser Mulaa Juma

The Kenyon X-ray Facility Upgrade
by J. Terrence Klopcic

Can Students Design Their Own Experiments?
by Randy Knight

Measuring the Molecular Polarizability of Air
by Martin Madsen

Developing Research and Experimentation Skills: Demonstrated using a Black Body Radiation Experiment
by Mark J. Pearson

Using Pfund's method to find the index of refraction
by Helene F. Perry

Atomic structure from the sodium atom uv-vis-nir spectrum
by Randolph S. Peterson

Atomic Spectroscopy in Alkali Vapor
by Marin Pichler

Experimental Observation and Control of Wave Dispersion
by S.K. Remillard

A Michelson-Morley Experiment for the Advanced Physics Lab
by Charles Rogers

Study of the relationship between radius and emission wavelength of indium phosphide quantum dots
by Donald Schnitzler

Study of electric and magnetic dipole radiation via scattering from nanoparticles
by Natthi L. Sharma

Computational and Optical Studies on the Vibrational Modes of a Tuning Fork
by Keith R. Stein

Finding thermal conductivity and specific heat via thermal diffusion in rods
by Matthew C. Sullivan

Resistivity Measurements and Observation of Transition to Superconducting State
by Mohammed Z Tahar

A Tabletop Measurement of the Quantization of Electrical Conductance in Gold Nanowires
by David Tam

Nuclear Spin Echoes -- In Live Audio
by David A. Van Baak

Doppler-broadening for Rubidium Absorption
by James D. White

Using Longitudinal Laser Modes to Make Accurate Speed of Light Measurements
by James D. White

Measurement of the dispersion relation of a wave on a string
by Jeremiah D. Williams

Session XV: Plenary Speaker - "Funding the Advanced Lab"

The Advanced Laboratory and the National Science Foundation
by Duncan McBride

Session XVI: Breakout sessions - contributed/invited talks

» Teaching the electronics course - Paul W. Zitzewitz, presiding

An Electronics Course for the Computer Age using Learning Cycle Pedagogy
by Paul W. Zitzewitz

» Teaching the optics Course - Chad Hoyt, presiding

Active learning using tutorials in intermediate optics
by Mark Masters

Advanced Optics lab at SJSU
by Ramen Bahuguna

Laboratory Emphasis in Interdisciplinary Photonics Related Courses
by Orven F. Swenson

Undergraduate Laser Laboratory at SJSU
by Ken Wharton

Modifying the optics laboratory for greater conceptual understanding
by Timothy T. Grove

» Communication of experimental results: graphical, written, and oral - Elizabeth George, presiding

Multi-Format Approach to Communication of Experimental Results
by James M. Lockhart

Oral Assessment in an Advanced Lab Course
by David C. Bailey

» Machine shop and laboratory safety

Safety in the Advanced Lab - More than You Might Expect
by Gregory Puskar

» Regional/National Advanced Lab facilities - Randy Peterson, presiding

The Visiting Students and Faculty Program at the University of North Texas
by Duncan Weathers

» Role of computer simulation

» Advanced labs in biophysics

» PER and the advanced lab

» The nuclear physics lab