Conference Room Descriptions

Spaces in David Rittenhouse Labs, Penn

David Rittenhouse Labs, First Floor (View Map)

We hope to use the large auditorium A1 as the primary meeting room for plenary sessions. It has projection capability and is connected to Demo space IC6. The seating is stadium seating with pull-up tablet arms, and can accommodate about 200 people. Click for more information about the room.

The hallway outside A1 (View Hallway) is a public space but is useable for coffee and vendor literature on tables. We must specify tables for this hallway if we want them.

The smaller but similar auditorium A2 seats 94.

David Rittenhouse Labs, Second Floor (View Map)

There are three advanced lab rooms we can use on this floor: 2N44, 2N23, and 2N25. All are full of equipment and are likely to be used for workshops by presenters from Penn.

David Rittenhouse Labs, Third Floor (View Map)

There are four lab rooms on the third floor: 3W5, 3W7, 3W10, 3W11. They are all similar in size and setup; each can likely accommodate 5 simultaneous workshops without being uncomfortably crowded (View Photo).

  • Rm. 3W5 - general purpose lab with 10 moveable tables (5'x2.5') room is 18'x30'
  • Rm. 3W7 - general purpose lab with 10 moveable tables (5'x2.5') room is 18'x28'
  • Rm. 3W10 - general purpose lab with 10 moveable tables (5'x2.5') room is 18'x28'
  • Rm. 3W11 - general purpose lab with 10 moveable tables (5'x2.5') room is 18'x32'; connecting storeroom

There are five classrooms near the third-floor lab rooms that can be used for breakout sessions or discussions: 3W2, 3C2, 3C4, 3C6, 3C8. These classrooms are all similar in size (View Photo). They each have a projector system with a Windows computer, DVD player, and wireless access. They are heavily utilized during the summer, but we may be able to reserve them.

Other space possibly available at David Rittenhouse Labs

4th Floor Room - New Room w/ Breaker IP4E, 14'x28' (no photo; room freshly renovated) suitable for 2 workshops

The "Undergrad Lounge" (View Photo) could serve as space for 1 workshop. (Power is also available from the ceiling.)

There are two computer labs (PC Lab 1 & 2) in the basement of DRL with a separate building entrance. We can probably only plan on having one of them, but can ask for both.

  • PC Lab 1 (View Lab) has 20 Windows 7 workstations, plus a teacher’s station with projection.
  • PC Lab 2 (Language Lab) has 24 Windows 7 workstations.

Possible space in other Penn buildings

The Engineering Department is the most likely to have "physics-like" lab space, if more is needed. Electronics Lab is taught in the Engineering Building.

Vagelos Lab (Chemistry) requires card access (a student might be hired to staff the door), and is probably too disconnected from the other spaces we will be using.

Space in Disque Hall, Drexel

Possible spaces for workshops

  • Disque 820A (Photo 1/Photo 2) with tables for up to 5 workshops (for 10 people MAXIMUM) from vendors or faculty members from outside Drexel
  • Disque 820B (Photo 1/Photo 2) with tables for up to 5 workshops (for 10 people MAXIMUM) from vendors or faculty members from outside Drexel.
  • Disque 611 - "Instrumentation Lab" (Photo 1/Photo 2) can be used for 1 workshop for 6 people.
  • Disque 702 - lab room (View Photo) with 5 long tables (fixed & tall) 3'x12' on 8' pitch. Gas and electric services running down the middle of each table. To be used for up to 5 workshops brought from other universities or vendors.
  • Disque 704 - Physics computer lab (LINUX machines, View Photo), which could be used for workshops on interfacing. Interfacing software could be installed on the server, and used by all of these 15 workstations.
  • Disque 709 - Advanced Lab/Modern Lab. 1-2 Workshops in this space, probably by Drexel presenters.
  • Disque 711 - (View Photo)lab room with 5 long tables (fixed) 3.5'x15' on 8.5' pitch (6 Mac computers), for 5 workshops brought from other universities or vendors.

Additional spaces at Drexel for Breakout Discussion Sessions

  • Disque 109 (View Photo) - Conference Room that seats about 50, flat floor with a smart board and computer projection system. Must walk through office suite to access.
  • Disque 614 (View Photo) - Visualization Lab with 3D projection equipment, tables for 12-14 people
  • Disque 919 - seating for 45 in department conference room (loud air handling system); computer projection system.

Other possible space at Drexel

  • Stratton Hall 101 (View Photo) - seats about 35 in movable chairs with tablet arms; computer projection system
  • Stratton Hall 201 - seats about 35; identical to Stratton Hall 101
  • Disque Hall 103 - seats 208 (stadium seating), connects to demo space; projection system
  • Stratton Hall 113 - seats about 190 (stadium seating); projection system

At the Bennett S. Lebow Engineering Center, there is Engineering E Lab Room 132 ("E4 Testing & Design Lab"), which has quite a bit of Agilent equipment, not in use at this time of year.

Note: At Drexel we can store shipped equipment in the Disque Room 103 closet and in Joe Trout's office.