2015 BFY II Abstract Browse

The abstracts listed below were presented at the 2015 BFY II Conference. You may use the column headers to sort the list.

  Name Primary Contact Type
  (Practice makes perfect) Speed of Light measurement using the Foucault Method. Dr. Elena Gregg Poster
  A Differential Thermal Analysis Apparatus for Exploring the Glass Transition William R. Heffner Poster
  A Grading Rubric for Intermediate Laboratory Courses in Physics Jeffrey J. Sudol Poster
  A Peer Review of Writing Workshop in the Advanced Lab Dr. Melanie Lott Poster
  A powerful spectrograph based upon a low cost spectrograph Timothy Grove Poster
  An Arduino-based alternative to the traditional electronics laboratory Rodney Yoder Poster
  An Experiment Revealing some Characteristics of Diatomic Molecules by Spectral Analysis of Laser Induced Fluorescence of Iodine Burcin Bayram Poster
  An Optics Laboratory Module on Image Formation, Aberrations and Lens Design Robert D. Polak Poster
  An open-ended advanced lab on transverse normal modes of vertically hanging chains Paul Voytas Poster
  Assessing modeling behaviors in the lab Natasha Holmes Poster
  Building a Pedagogically Sound Second-Year Physics Course in a Newly Revived STEM Program Matthew Civiletti Poster
  Calibrating an Electromagnetic Calorimeter for High Energy Physics Experiments Brett Fadem Poster
  Comparing electronic and traditional lab notebooks in the advanced lab Melissa Eblen-Zayas Poster
  Correlating students' beliefs about experimental physics with laboratory course success Bethany Wilcox Poster
  Demonstrating Interference with Single Photons R. Seth Smith Poster
  Developing a new laboratory course to prepare students for graduate research in astrophysics Christine Lindstrøm Poster
  Effectiveness of flipped classroom techniques in an advanced laboratory physics course Sean P. Robinson Poster
  Electron Spin Resonance: An experiment for perceiving Quantum Physics Intuition Ratnakar Palai Poster
  Electron’s Charge-to-Mass Ratio Experiment: Students Laser-Focused on Perfection. Dr. Elena Gregg Poster
  Engaging Students in Scientific Practices in an Electronics Course Heather Lewandowski Poster
  Experimental Plasma Station for the Undergraduate Curriculum Jeremiah Williams Poster
  Exploring the Rotating Reference Frame in NMR - An Easy Extension of an Experiment You May Already Have David B Pengra Poster
  Flipping (and Scrambling) the Introductory Electronics Course Eric Ayars Poster
  Incorporating Research Ethics into Advanced Labs Curriculum Kirstin Purdy Drew Poster
  Integrating Commercial Solar Panels in the Physics Curriculum Nicole Ackerman Poster
  Investigating student understanding of operational-amplifier circuits* MacKenzie R. Stetzer Poster
  Investigation of the Bragg-Snell Law in Photonic Crystals Shabbir M Mian Poster
  LCphysX: Teaching undergraduate physics majors in upper-level laboratory courses multi-media science communication skills for public outreach Shannon O'Leary Poster
  Laboratory on Medical Physics Yongkang Le Poster
  Low-cost coincidence counting apparatus for single photon investigations Mark Masters Poster
  Low-cost optical manipulation using hanging droplets of PDMS Craig McDonald Poster
  Maximum Likelihood is Least Squares (and not just for Gaussian random variables) Robert DeSerio Poster
  Measuring Nano-particle Fluorescence in Caramelized Sugar Glass William R. Heffner Poster
  Nonlinear Dynamics on the Cheap in the Junior Laboratory Richard J Krantz Poster
  P52 Putting some Nuclear Physics into a Rutherford Backscattering Experiment Randolph S. Peterson Poster
  Results for a Cheap Off-the-shelf Duffing’s Oscillator: Or how to make a meaningful laboratory from nothing Richard J Krantz Poster
  Sequential Introduction of Data Analysis Methods in the Modern Lab Timothy Roach Poster
  Stabilization of an NMR elctromagnet at low cost Jose Vithayathil Poster
  Stellar Photometry in the physics lab room Shawn Langan Poster
  Students' Ownership of Projects in the Upper-Division Instructional Physics Laboratory Setting Jacob Stanley Poster
  Study of Acoustics in Classrooms Dr Ramalingam P. Poster
  Teaching about the Gamma Camera and Ultrasound Imaging Mary Lowe Poster
  Technical Competencies - A Versatile Framework for Learning Practical Knowledge Randall Tagg Poster
  Tethered Particle Motion Experiments as a Gateway to Biophysics Research Obinna A. Ukogu Poster
  The Path to Fourier Analysis through Intuition Building Jenny Magnes Poster
  The Role of Metacognition in Troubleshooting: An Example From Electronics Kevin L. Van De Bogart Poster
  The Thermographic Phospor Labkit Steve Allison Poster
  Troubleshooting in an Electronics Course and the Experimental Modeling Framework Dimitri R. Dounas-Frazer Poster
  Undergraduate Advanced Laboratory Studies on Supersonic Nozzle Flow Keith Stein Poster
  Using Tethered Particle Motion Experiments in Statistical Mechanics or Biophysics Labs Adam D. Smith Poster
  Using a Tube of Water to Screen Electric Fields: An Experimental Investigation of the Transition from Conductive to Dielectric Screening Jake Bobowski Poster
  Vibrational and Rotational Spectra of Diatomic Molecules: Two Experiments in an Advanced Laboratory Course of Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy Mario Freamat Poster
  Witnessing Entanglement Mark Beck Poster