2012 BFY Abstract Browse

The abstracts listed below were presented at the 2012 Topical Conference on Advanced Laboratories. You may use the column headers to sort the abstract list, or search the abstracts here.

  Name Primary Contact Type
  W07 - Arduino as a "gateway drug" Ayars, Eric Workshop
  W01 - Statistical/Nonlinear Physics with Subwoofers Bailey, David Workshop
  W55 - Imaging Innovation In Your Classroom: Exploring the principles of medical imaging with the DeskCAT optical CT scanner Battista, Andrea Workshop
  W31 - Simple Laser-Induced Fluorescence Setup to Explore Molecular Spectroscopy Bayram, Burçin Workshop
  W28 - Nanoparticle Scattering of Polarized Light Behringer, Ernest Workshop
  W23 - New configurations for a hanging chain covered by soap film: Measurement of surface tension from the triangular configuration Behroozi, Fred Workshop
  W04 - Real-world projects for digital & analog electronics courses Bentley, Sean Workshop
  W38 - Scanning Tunneling Microscopy for Advanced Undergraduate Physics Labs Bhattacharyya-McCamy, Shreya Workshop
  W10 - FPGA Coincidence Module Branning, David Workshop
  W17 - Optical Trapping in Biophysics Colton, Tom Workshop
  W59 - E&M experiments Dassi, Nouri Workshop
  W06 - Teaching with Arduino Dawes, Andy Workshop
  W18 - Simple Dynamic Light Scattering Apparatus DeSerio, Bob Workshop
  W57 - Advanced Cavendish Balance Dohm, Joe Workshop
  W58 - TEL-X-Ometer X-ray Apparatus Dohm, Joe Workshop
  W21 - Granular Materials: A Low-Tech Advanced Lab Exercise Dolan, Paul Workshop
  W13 - Optical Spectroscopy/Zeeman Effect Elliott, Greg Workshop
  W56 - LabVIEW-Based Instruction for Instructional Labs Essick, John Workshop
  W37 - The Angular Dependence of Cosmic Ray Muons Fadem, Brett Workshop
  W66 - Modeling the faster cooling of Mars as compared to Earth by measuring relative cooling rates of metal spheres Finegold, Len Workshop
  W62 - Using Igor Pro for data analysis in advanced and research laboratories Grossman, Carl Workshop
  W61 - Thorlabs' Teaching Spectroscopy Kit (SKDAV) Haskins, Jim Workshop
  W11 - Single Photon Labs Hoeling, Barbara Workshop
  W14 - External cavity diode lasers and iodine spectroscopy Hoyt, Chad Workshop
  W34 - Doppler-Free Spectroscopy Hudek, Dean Workshop
  W00 - Using a Chaotic Pendulum to turn Sophomores into Experimentalists Johnston, Marty Workshop
  W02 - Synchronization and Encryption with a Pair of Simple Chaotic Circuits Kiers, Ken Workshop
  W35 - Laser Cooling and Trapping for Advanced Teaching Laboratories Lewandowski, Heather Workshop
  W40 - Surface plasmons, atomically-smooth patterned gold, and bio-sensing Lindquist, Nathan Workshop
  W52 - Open Frame Helium Neon Laser Malleck, Irwin Workshop
  W53 - Diode Pumped Solid State Laser Malleck, Irwin Workshop
  W54 - Glass Fibre Optics Malleck, Irwin Workshop
  W16 - Using Spatial Light Modulators to Teach Students Experimental Fourier Optics Martin, Doug Workshop
  W08 - Using Cypress Programmable System on a Chip as part of a electronic instrumentation course Masters, Mark Workshop
  W29 - Brownian Motion: Measuring Avogadro's Constant for $70 Parks, Beth Workshop
  W12 - Temperature Dependent Lifetime Measurements of Fluorescence from a Phosphor Parks, Jim Workshop
  W60 - Basic Gamma Spectroscopy with a NaI(Tl) Detector Peterson, Randy Workshop
  W39 - NSF Mock Panel: Reviewing Advanced Lab TUES Proposals Peterson, Richard Workshop
  W26 - A simple, inexpensive single molecule DNA microscope Price, Allen Workshop
  W05 - Arduino: PID-controlled thermostat Robinson, Sean Workshop
  W19 - Simple Experimental setup for demonstrating Surface Plasmon Resonance Sanchez, Erik Workshop
  W30 - Microfluidics Fabrication Workshop Seale, Kevin Workshop
  W03 - Fundamentals of low-noise electrical measurements: Ground loops, interference, shielding, etc. Smith, Walter Workshop
  W27 - Chaotic fluid mixing and Hamiltonian phase space Solomon, Tom Workshop
  W22 - Fluid Diagnostics: Compressible Flow and Shock Waves in a Benchtop Blowdown Tunnel Stein, Keith Workshop
  W33 - Advanced Laboratories in Acoustics and Ultrasonics Stille, Dale Workshop
  W24 - Video Analysis with Tracker for Advanced Physics Labs Titus, Aaron Workshop
  W64 - Fourier and Wavelet Analysis Trout, Joe Workshop
  W65 - The Millikan Oil Drop Experiment Tyagi, Som Workshop
  W41 - Torsional Oscillator Van Baak, David Workshop
  W42 - Fourier Methods Van Baak, David Workshop
  W43 - Modern Interferometry Van Baak, David Workshop
  W44 - Noise Fundamentals Van Baak, David Workshop
  W45 - Pulsed/CW NMR Van Baak, David Workshop
  W46 - UltraSonics Van Baak, David Workshop
  W47 - Diode-Laser Spectroscopy Van Baak, David Workshop
  W48 - Two-Slit Interference Van Baak, David Workshop
  W49 - Quantum Analogs Van Baak, David Workshop
  W63 - Exploring atomic physics using X-ray fluorescence Vithayathil, Jose Workshop
  W09 - Introduction to FPGA's Vonk, Matthew Workshop
  W25 - FPGA Lab Exercise: Using Pulse Width Modulation to Study Analog-to-Digital Converter Properties While Building a Simply Music Player Wick, Kurt Workshop
  W36 - A simple experiment to measure the electron temperature and plasma density using a Langmuir Probe Williams, Jeremiah Workshop
  W32 - Diffusion in Microfluidic Structures Wonnell, Steve Workshop
  W20 - Frontiers in Contemporary Physics Education: Gold Nanoparticle Photoabsorption & Quantization of Conductance Experiments Yarrison-Rice, Dr. Jan Workshop
  W15 - From Jones Matrices to Ellipsometry: Modeling and Measuring the Polarization of Light Zwickl, Ben Workshop