2012 BFY Abstract Browse

The abstracts listed below were presented at the 2012 Topical Conference on Advanced Laboratories. You may use the column headers to sort the abstract list, or search the abstracts here.

  Name Primary Contact Type
  Real-Time Thermodynamic Experiments With High Resolution Ayars, Eric Poster
  Advanced Labs in Biomedical Physics to Extend the Boundaries of the Traditional Physics Major Babiuc-Hamilton, Maria Poster
  Laboratory Physics and Python at the University of Toronto Bailey, David Poster
  Laboratory Assessment: Strategies that Build Useful Skills Barton, Linda S. Poster
  The Advanced Spectroscopy Laboratory Course at Miami University Bayram, Burcin Poster
  Characterization of a Dichroic Sheet Polarizer Behringer, Ernest R. Poster
  Physics project labs for advanced undergraduates at Caltech Black, Eric D. Poster
  Description on the MIT Junior Lab curriculum, with updates on recent curriculum reforms Bosse, Charles Poster
  Two Advanced-Lab Experiments for the Thrifty Physicist Brody, Jed Poster
  Flexible Physics: A Multimedia Bridge from Lecture to Lab Carlsmith, Duncan Poster
  Improving the quantification of Brownian motion Carter, Ashley Poster
  A Comprehensive Laboratory Experience Chottiner, Gary Poster
  The laboratory and the integral development of the students Coca, David Mendez Poster
  Berkeley’s two-semester advanced lab sequence. Colton, Thomas Poster
  How to fund a large-enrollment physics advanced lab. Colton, Thomas Poster
  Arduino Projects to Enhance STEM Education in the Undergraduate Physics Curriculum Conrad, John R. Poster
  A New Combined Physics and Astrophysics Lab Course for Seniors Crawford, Fronefield Poster
  Coherent Blue Light Emission in Rubidium Dawes, Andrew M. C. Poster
  A Visible MOT for the Advanced lab: plans to build one and tough questions for how to fund it Deveney, Ed Poster
  Emphasizing oral communication skills in an upper-level electronics course Eblen-Zayas, Melissa Poster
  Electrical Circuits for Bioinspired Applications Erickson, Jon Poster
  Undergraduate Physics Major Student Development of Written, Visual, and Oral Communication Skills Flater, Erin Poster
  Targeted Student Experiences in a Superconductivity Lab Frank, Nathan Poster
  Labs on Quantum and Classical Optics: Old and New Galvez, Enrique J. Poster
  Assessment and Upgrade of Upper Level Undergraduate Laboratory Instruction Gealy, Mark Poster
  Laboratory Development Efforts in a Physics for Biologists Course Geller, Benjamin Poster
  A Course to Prepare Physics Students for the Research Laboratory Haase, David G. Poster
  Cat lapping: a fluid physics project for undergraduate students Hay, Dr. Katrina Poster
  Providing a research and scientific writing experience in the student lab Hoeling, Barbara Poster
  Lasers and Optics open-ended projects at Bethel University Hoyt, Chad Poster
  Test of Bell's inequality using entangled photons. Irons, Stephen H. Poster
  Kinder, gentler oral exams Ives, Joss Poster
  Design and Characterization of an Optical Trap in the Advanced Lab Kozminski, Joseph Poster
  Developing Students' Scientific Communication Skills in the Advanced Lab Kozminski, Joseph Poster
  Bridging the gap between the teaching lab and the research lab Le, Yongkang Poster
  Using computer simulations to teach the Jarzynski equality Lerner, Michael Poster
  Creating Sustainable Change in Upper-Division Laboratory Courses at a Large Research University Lewandowski, Heather Poster
  Fiber Optics Module for a Physics of Medicine Program Lowe, Mary Poster
  Student Designed Experiments in Advanced Lab: A Carleton Experiment Luhman, Dwight Poster
  The zen of learning laboratory physics through writing and the art of peer review Masters, Mark Poster
  The ALPhA Immersions Program - Assessment of the First Two Years McCann, Lowell I. Poster
  Laboratories in the Paradigms in Physics Curriculum McIntyre, David Poster
  A Simple Scanning Fabry-Perot Interferometer for High-Resolution Spectroscopy Experiments Moses, Thomas Poster
  Measuring the quality factor of a resonator with a lock-in Newport, Jonathan Poster
  Longitudinal Modes in a HeNe Laser Pam, Rick Poster
  Predicting and Measuring the Resonant Frequency of a Microcantilever Perera, Thushara Poster
  Using the Arduino in an Analog and Digital Electronics Course for Physics Majors Ramer, Everett Poster
  Undergraduate Terahertz (THz) Exercises for Advanced Laboratory at Morehouse College Rockward, Willie S. Poster
  An Extreme Makeover of the Advanced Labs at Morehouse College Rockward, Willie S. Poster
  What's missing from the traditional explanation of NMR experiments? Severn, Dr. Greg Poster
  Will a magnet fall freely in a superconducting tube? Severn, Dr. Greg Poster
  Study of electric dipole and higher multipole radiation via scattering from nanoparticles Sharma, Natthi L. Poster
  An Undergraduate Research Project Incorporating LabVIEW to Measure Temperature Dependent Lifetimes in a Phosphor Smith, R. Seth Poster
  The supersonic blowdown tunnel: a flexible apparatus for open-ended undergraduate research Stein, Keith Poster
  Assessing student understanding in upper-division analog electronics courses* Stetzer, MacKenzie R. Poster
  Modern Physics Labs using Responsive Inquiry to Create Research Experiences Stottrup, Ben Poster
  A new method to investigate the side-axis spectrum of He-Ne laser Su, Weifeng Poster
  What carries the current in a metal?: A modern version of the Tolman-Stewart experiment Sullivan, Kelley D. Poster
  Neophytes Build a MOT Thompson, Bruce Poster
  Fission-Neutron ToF Spectroscopy : A Simplified Advanced Teaching Laboratory Torres-Isea, Ramon Poster
  Real Time Wave Study Vogel, Ron Poster
  Initial work on Experimental Plasma Station for the undergraduate curriculum Williams, Jeremiah Poster
  Developing Professionalism in a Sophomore-level Experimental Physics Class Winkler, Linda Poster
  The Advanced Lab Sequence at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts Wootters, Adrienne Poster
  A framework for adopting modeling in upper-division lectures and labs Zwickl, Benjamin Poster