Conference on Laboratory Instruction Beyond the First Year of College Proceedings

Brief Checklist for Authors

  • Is the standard of English acceptable to an academic audience in any country?
  • Is the title of the paper concise, conveying the focus of the paper?
  • Is the format of each author's name listed in the standard format used by that author for all publications? For example, Billy Smith uses William D. Smith for all his formal publications but Billy Smith informally.
  • Is the abstract concise and informative?
  • Is the literature review appropriately comprehensive and critical?
  • Are the instruments used in an empirical study clearly explained?
  • Is the nature of the sample(s) in an empirical study carefully defined?
  • Are the processes of any data collection clearly explained?
  • Are the findings of any inquiry fully compatible with the evidence cited?
  • How do the findings of the inquiry relate to those previously reported?
  • Does the paper make a 'contribution to knowledge', either in terms of theory or practice?
  • Have all co-authors had an opportunity to review the paper before it was submitted to the peer review?
  • Has someone read the paper to check for spelling and grammar errors?