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Abstract Title: W63 - Exploring atomic physics using X-ray fluorescence
Abstract: The aim of the workshop is to use x-ray flourescence to demonstrate concepts in atomic physics. The lab quantitatively studies :- the shell structure of multi-electron atoms and the extent of validity for Moseley's law, fine structure splitting and the variation with atomic number, and the background noise illustrates Compton scattering. The students also use their data to identify an unknown element.

We use, a Co57 gamma source for the excitation of elements and for calibration, a high purity Germanium detector with a built-in cooled preamplifier, and a multichannel analyzer. The elements studied vary from Z=29 to 92. Other gamma or beta sources can be used for excitation and less expensive silicon based detectors can be used for lower Z elements. With the Ge detector, the resolution of energy is about 0.1%.
Abstract Type: Workshop

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Jose Vithayathil
University of Pennsylvania