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Abstract Title: W62 - Using Igor Pro for data analysis in advanced and research laboratories
Abstract: Igor Pro is a versatile data display and analysis program that also provides a rich environment for programming, scripting, interactive application building, and as a front-end for National Instruments data acquisition hardware. While it has far more capabilities than are needed in most teaching labs, the overhead needed to do basic plotting and analysis is minimal and the interface is as user-friendly as other popular software packages commonly found in teaching labs. Students at more advanced levels may find the command-line, history, and programming features of Igor to be more powerful and useful than simpler programs when they encounter sophisticated data analysis in the advanced labs and in research labs.

This workshop will go over basic data entry/analysis (display, curve-fitting, layout), data input from oddly formatted files, C-like programming, and macro scripting (for example, programming series of procedures into a single command that can be applied repeatedly to different data sets). There will be hands-on exercises for the workshop participants to become familiar with the software package. A demo version of Igor Pro can be installed on laptops that participants bring to the workshop.
Abstract Type: Workshop

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Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Carl Grossman
Swarthmore College