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Abstract Title: W48 - Two-Slit Interference
Abstract: Every modern-physics textbook introduces the thought experiment of operating a Young's two-slit interference demonstration with the light intensity set so low that there is only one photon in the apparatus at a time. TeachSpin's tabletop experimental realization of this textbook system delights both instructors and students. Using the diode laser source (included) students first see, and measure quantitatively, two-slit interference fringes in the high-intensity regime. Then, switching over to a dim-bulb source and photomultiplier-tube detector, they see that interference phenomena persist even in the limit of 'one photon at a time'. These workshops will also use TeachSpin's new Counter/Timer unit, especially designed for use with the Two-Slit apparatus.

Participants will:
-- Open the box and see the full optical layout, operating the device in the laser-light mode
-- Get the data which will determine the wavelength of red diode-laser light
-- Choose the low-light source, and photomultiplier detector, and close the box
-- Get the photon-counting data which will determine the wavelength of green light
-- Agonize over how photons which can be counted one at a time can have their wavelength measured
Abstract Type: Workshop

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Workshop Document: Download the Workshop Document
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Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: David Van Baak