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Abstract Title: W47 - Diode-Laser Spectroscopy
Abstract: The tunable diode laser has revolutionized optics and atomic physics, by providing a reliable source of narrowband light which is easily tunable across an adequate range of the spectrum. TeachSpin's Diode Laser Spectroscopy system shows off the capabilities of such a system on a tabletop, using everyone's favorite atomic resonance, the 780-nm D2 transition in rubidium vapor. Because of the intensity available from a laser source, it is simple to display non-linear phenomena such as (Doppler-free) saturated absorption spectroscopy, coherent population trapping, and nonlinear Faraday rotation, in set-ups easily replicated by students.

Participants will:
-- Aim and align the invisible beams of 780-nm monochromatic radiation
-- See the fluorescence from Rb vapor when the laser is properly tuned
-- Relate the structure of resonances observed in terms of isotope and hyperfine structure of the atomic transition
-- Follow the beams which permit pump-probe Doppler-free spectroscopy
-- See the sub-Doppler upper-state hyperfine splittings of a transition
Abstract Type: Workshop

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Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: David Van Baak