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Abstract Title: W46 - UltraSonics
Abstract: TeachSpin now offers a full line of apparatus from GAMPT mbH for displaying a host of features of ultrasonic waves in liquids and solids. Lying behind the glamorous medical applications is a wealth of fundamental physics of compression (and shear) waves. The GAMPT apparatus includes well-engineered piezoelectric transmitter/receiver heads, and the pulsed and continuous-wave generators/receivers which support them. Also included are the apparatus and samples on which students can learn the phenomena, and the wave science, of invisible waves of MHz frequency and sub-mm wavelength.

Participants will:
-- Generate and launch a pulsed ultrasonic wave
-- Detect ultrasonic echoes and use them to measure time of flight
-- Measure speeds of sound for longitudinal and shear waves
-- Be introduced to the use of ultrasonic techniques for non-destructive testing
Abstract Type: Workshop

Workshop Documents

Workshop Document: Download the Workshop Document

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: David Van Baak