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Abstract Title: W40 - Surface plasmons, atomically-smooth patterned gold, and bio-sensing
Abstract: The rapidly emerging field of plasmonics offers many exciting research opportunities. In particular, the large field intensities and short probing range of surface plasmon waves makes them an ideal candidate for sensing. A surface plasmon is a collective wave-like oscillation of the free electrons right at the surface of a metal film. Beyond prism-coupling techniques, the illumination of properly nano-structured metallic surfaces, gratings, and particles will also demonstrate significant plasmon resonances, with rich physics and many interesting applications. Using a novel, low-cost nano-fabrication technique for creating ultra-smooth patterned metallic surfaces, this workshop will cover the fabrication, characterization, and analysis of nano-structured metallic films and their use as bio-sensors.
Abstract Type: Workshop

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Primary Contact: Nathan Lindquist
Bethel University