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Abstract Title: W25 - FPGA Lab Exercise: Using Pulse Width Modulation to Study Analog-to-Digital Converter Properties While Building a Simply Music Player
Abstract: During the electronic component of the advanced lab course, students spend one week building a simple music player by programing an FPGA on a Digilent BASYS board. First, they use the FPGA as a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) using a simple Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technique. This reconfigurable DAC is implemented with a just a few lines of Verilog code and is then used to explore DAC concepts such as resolution and conversion time. Second, an improved PWM technique using a Sigma-Delta algorithm is explored and its application as a voltage-to-frequency converter is discussed. Finally, 8-bit and 16-bit musical data is read from a flash memory and played through a speaker using the Sigma-Delta PWM technique. The workshop will cover the hardware and software used and PWM concepts.
Abstract Type: Workshop

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Primary Contact: Kurt Wick
Univ. of Minnesota