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Abstract Title: W24 - Video Analysis with Tracker for Advanced Physics Labs
Abstract: Video analysis is an inexpensive, easy-to-use technique for measuring the motion of objects with fairly good precision--and it's not just for introductory physics! It allows students to do advanced experiments in classical dynamics such as systems with changing mass, systems studied with Lagrangian dynamics, and systems without analytic solutions such as projectile motion with quadratic drag and spin. It's an excellent technique for labs as well as student projects. In this workshop, participants will learn how to use Tracker which is free, open source video analysis software developed by Doug Brown. Tracker's features include: (1) calibration point pairs that allow you to compensate for panning and zooming of the camera; (2) autotracking of objects; (3) the ability to specify a moving reference frame; (4) automatic calculation and marking of the center of mass of a system; and (5) the ability to solve a differential equation numerically and display the solution on the video. Example experiments include: motion of an American football in a placekick(*), a two-body orbit with a Hooke's law central force(**), and a swinging Atwood's machine(***).

(*_Kevin Sanders at High Point University
(**)Jeff Regester, Greensboro Day School
(***)Leah Ruckle, Davidson College
Abstract Type: Workshop

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Primary Contact: Aaron Titus
High Point University