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Abstract Title: W11 - Single Photon Labs
Abstract: Quantum optics experiments are becoming more and more popular in the advanced student laboratory. With a blue diode laser beam impinging on an optically nonlinear crystal (beta barium borate BBO), pairs of entangled photons are created. With this heralded single photon source, quantum optics experiments such as anti-coincidence, single photon interference, and tests of local realism can be performed. Essential pieces of equipment for these experiments are single photon detectors, avalanche photodiodes (APDs) operated in Geiger mode that are capable of detecting individual photons. In most advanced student labs, the commercially available, fiber-coupled single photon counting modules by Perkin-Elmer/Excelitas are used. We are presenting single photon detectors developed at the University of Erlangen, Germany, which use either the APDs by Perkin-Elmer/Excelitas or by LaserComponents together with "home-made" electronics. We discuss their performance in comparison to the Excelitas product and their potential advantages in a free-space set-up.
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Primary Contact: Barbara Hoeling