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Abstract Title: Bridging the gap between the teaching lab and the research lab
Abstract: In a teaching lab, the apparatus is usually old and relatively simple, the contents are mostly well established and the operation guide is often provided. In a research lab, however, the apparatus is mostly new (or even home-made) and complicated, the contents are exploratory, the results will only be obtained after dozens of failure. The graduate students will often feel lost when they start a research project.

How to provide the necessary training in a teaching lab, so that the students can get better prepared for the work in a research lab? We reports on the practice in our advanced physics laboratory course from the following aspects:
1. Question based lab supervision cultivates the students' idea on how to design a lab;
2. Apparatus dissection helps the student to understand the signal processing in a lab;
3. Apparatus upgrading aims to illustrate more physics;
4. Following the new techniques in and results from frontier research, building new teaching labs with carefully modified apparatus and specially selected contents.
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Primary Contact: Yongkang Le
Department of Physics, Fudan University
No. 220 Handan Road
Shanghai, China, Non U.S. 200433
Phone: +86-21-65642365, +8618917117272