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Abstract Title: Initial work on Experimental Plasma Station for the undergraduate curriculum
Abstract: Plasmas are a type of an ionized gas that constitutes the fourth and most common state of matter in the visible universe.  In addition to providing a wealth of applications from all areas of classical physics, this phase of matter plays an important role in many industrial applications and will likely play a key role in future energy sources.  Despite this, plasma physics does not often appear in the undergraduate curriculum.  This is particularly true in the advanced lab setting, where most experiments involving plasmas require the use of fairly complicated and complex experimental setups.  In this poster, we present preliminary work on the design of a simple experimental setup will allow for range of experiments using plasmas as the experimental medium that covers many areas of classical physics and can be used throughout the undergraduate physics curriculum.  The apparatus is designed to be easy to implement that can be replicated at institutions, regardless of the presence of local expertise, and to support a number of possible experiments in order to bring the cost per experiment to a reasonable level.
Abstract Type: Poster
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Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Jeremiah Williams
Wittenberg University
Physics Department
225 N. Fountain Avenue
Springfield, ID 45504
Phone: 9373277825
and Co-Presenter(s)
Andrew Zwicker (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory), Stephanie Wissel (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory), Jerry Ross (Shawnee State University)