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Abstract Title: Kinder, gentler oral exams
Abstract: Oral exams can provide effective assessment of student understanding of theoretical, analysis and experimental details in upper-division labs. Unfortunately the most common implementation involves putting students "on-the-spot" by asking them to put together coherent explanations moments after being asked a question. This talk will discuss some modifications that I have made to address some of the aspects that I found to be the most intimidating and challenging when I was assessed using oral exams during my career as a student. The primary modification used to create my kinder, gentler oral exams was to present the student with three questions and then allow them to have some time to collect their thoughts as well as consult their resources before the formal part of the assessment was started.
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Primary Contact: Joss Ives
University of the Fraser Valley
33844 King Road
Abbotsford, BC, Non U.S. V2S 7M8
Phone: 6045047441