Conference on Laboratory Instruction Beyond the First Year of College Proceedings

Manuscript Submission


In order for a paper to be eligible for submission to the BFY Proceedings, the paper's first author must make a presentation related to the paper at the Conference on Laboratory Instruction Beyond the First Year of College (BFY). Work presented only at the main AAPT meeting is NOT eligible for submission to the BFY Proceedings.

A person is only allowed to be the first author on only one peer-reviewed paper.

Update your Contact Information

Every year you submit, you should check and update as necessary your profile on the AAPT Advanced Laboratories website so that interested parties can connect with you. It is also important for the editors to have the most recent contact information in case of questions or issues with your submission.

If you have recently legally changed your name, please inform the Editor so that the editor can be aware of any potential differences within the system.

First Author Responsibilities

The first author on the paper:

  1. must be registered for the BFY meeting by the peer reviewed paper submission deadline. Furthermore, the first author must attend and present on a topic directly related to the paper at the BFY meeting.
  2. must have an active and updated account on the AAPT Advanced Laboratories website in order to participate in the peer review. All co-authors are also expected to have active and updated accounts on the AAPT Advanced Laboratories website.
  3. is expected to participate with the peer review by reviewing up to three papers. Unwillingness to assist in the peer review process by the first author will result in the withdrawal of the paper from the peer review process and exclusion from the next BFY Proceedings. Co-authors may participate in the peer review process by reviewing up to three papers.
  4. may not be the first author on two peer reviewed papers unless one is for a Plenary session.

When a paper has several authors, the first author should be the one designated to receive and respond to correspondence from the Editor. This designation can be changed upon notification of the Editor. It is the responsibility of the first author to represent all those involved with the work reported.

By submitting the paper, the first author certifies the following:

  • The paper represents original work of the listed authors.
  • The paper, as presented, accurately reflects the scientific results.
  • All of the authors made significant contributions to the concept, design, execution, or interpretation of the research study.
  • All those who made significant contributions were offered the opportunity to be listed as authors.
  • All of the listed authors are aware of and agree to the submission of this paper and have confirmed the correct form of their name.
  • The paper has not been published, and is not now nor will be under consideration by another journal while it is considered here.
  • The authors accept the established procedures for selecting papers for publication.

Authors may not present data and other results obtained by others as if they were their own. Nor may authors incorporate without attribution text from another work (by themselves or others), even when summarizing past results or background material. If a direct quotation is appropriate, the quotation should be clearly indicated as such and the original source should be properly cited. Papers that have been found to be in violation of this policy will be rejected.

Paper Submission

Authors that submitted by the June 15 abstract deadline may contribute a paper now. Paper submission will close on July 16 at Noon Eastern Time.