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Low-Cost Capacitance Profiling of a Semiconductor 

written by Dr John Essick

A low-cost capacitance-based experiment to measure the doping density of a silicon sample is described. Our sample is a commercially produced Schottky diode. The phasesensitive detection required to measure the sample's capacitance is carried out using an inexpensive data acquisition (DAQ) device and a software program that implements the lock-in detection algorithm. We show experimental set-ups appropriate for two low-cost DAQ devices, where each set-up takes into account the limitations of each DAQ device (the USB-6009 device with restricted analog input and inadequate waveform generation capabilities; the myDAQ device with no hardware triggering). Excellent results for the sample's doping density and built-in potential are obtained from each set-up.

Last Modified July 9, 2013

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